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Good Things to Know on Keeping a Cat


I do not remember the difficult things a little, so if you are interested in asking each one to investigate, Among them, it seems that symptoms of intoxication of cats by tea tree oil have been confirmed. Also it seems that things containing citrus fruits are not very good.

However, it seems that such information is still uncertain.

Recently, many people are sensitive to odor and scent, products using various incense such as deodorant, fragrance, deodorant are on the market.
Maybe there are cats in it with poisonous ingredients.

Since then, when buying deodorants and fragrances etc, I carefully looked at the ingredient table and began to buy it.

Even now that medical care has developed, there are many things that are not known due to the disease of dogs and cats.
Many owners who lost without knowing the cause are many.

Although it may be understood in the future of medical care in the future, I would like to exclude more danger with the feeling of protecting my family more than the owner’s responsibility as far as I can understand.

If someone who likes aromatherapy is the owner of a cat, we recommend using it by all means in a room without a cat.

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